How To Make A Yard Sale Succesful by Posting Good Signs

A yard sale is also known as a garage sale, tag sale, lawn sale, moving sale, garbage sale and a couple of few more terms. This kind of sale refers to the sale of used stuff by individuals. It is actually a perfect way to get rid of your old stuff that do not need anymore. Most of these stuff include household furniture, electronics, clothe that no longer fit you etc. It allows block sales hence you do not need to obtain a license or be subject to taxation. It is an easy to make extra coins.

The yard sale venue mostly happens in a carport, driveway, front yard, and garage or inside the house. It may sound easy but you need to raise attention otherwise you will end up extremely frustrated. Just like any other business the yard sales needs to advertise in order to have people streaming in huge numbers. Advertising is usually done by posting signs made from paper or cardboard in Public areas. The intention is to grab the attention of the passersby and take note of the yard sale. The poster should include the venue a location of the sale.

How to make yard sale signs

How to make yard sale signs

A yard sale sign is of great importance. It will actually determine the number of buyer who will visit the event. As much as you would like to sell all the stuff on sale, you should have some real good ideas of how to make good yard sale signs. The signs should be captivating to the eyes. A good readable sign takes time to prepare. Before you put up any yard sale sign, first you need to check with the authorities whether there are any restrictions against yard sale signs.

One way of making a yard sale sign is by using a grocery bag. Draw your sign on the grocery bag and fill the bottom with rocks, stuff newspaper inside then staple to close. And there you go! Nice portable signs that you can easily place on the ground. Do not use crayons use permanent markers instead.

Another unique way of making an eye catching yard signs is by use old tires. Get a couple of tires and paint them white. If you do not have any paint, you can always use white wash which is much cheaper. After that, get a dark color preferably black. Black on a white surface attracts the eye. Please do not use this kind of yard sale sign when it is rainy. It will leave you disappointed.
A piece of cardboard can also serve as a good yard sale sign. Get a huge piece of cardboard. From this you will obtain small sized cardboard. Try to obtain neat shapes from the huge cardboard. Depending on the number of items you have on sale, cut the cardboard in sizes that will fit the list of items you are selling. Use a permanent marker to write on the card board. Make the writing readable and neat.

Please note: Do not mount yard sales on utility poles such as the electric poles. Staples used to mount the sign pose a risk to any one climbing up.

With the above tips on how to make yard sale signs, you are good to go. Your yard sale will be a huge success.

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