How to Use Yard Sale Signs Effectively

It is imperative to use yard sale signs if you are to generate enough business to make a success out of any yard sale. However, you first need to consider the kind of sign you will use.

You should also remember that the amount you will spend on the yard sale signs will have to come out of the profit you will make after the yard sale is closed. Here are the issues you should consider while choosing yard sale signs.

The Size

This is very crucial since yard sale signs have to be visible enough to benefit you. the great thing is that there are numerous printing and online firms today that can provide you with temporary yard sale signs.

Yard Sale Signs

To this end, a size of 18″ by 12″ should work well. If it seems too small, consider getting something larger. You may also wish to consider using combinations of free standing signs. These can have wire legs anchoring into the ground. Some people, however, will prefer those yard sale signs that can be placed on light poles.

Regulations Governing Yard Sales

Most local government organizations will have rules that cover yard and garage sales. Therefore, ensure you know these rules before you print your yard sale signs. For instance, some town councils will require you to get a permit before you can hold a garage sale.

Familiarizing yourself with these rules is important. It will ensure that you do not cross any lines or get fined for violating them. In some instances, the yard sale may even be shut down. This means that it is very important to know what you are doing before you start selling.

Also, since you will be using yard sale signs, it follows that local inspectors will easily be able to locate your garage sale. They can then impose fines on you if you don’t follow the necessary regulations.

Placing Yard Sale Signs Strategically

In case restrictions have been imposed on where these yard sale signs can be placed, you should approach homeowners whose residences are located on high- traffic corners.

Ask for permission to place the sign within their yards for a couple of days or so and promise that you will pull them up once the sale is over and done with. You can also offer them a free item from the yard sale and this will be sure to get them to agree.

Content to Put on the Yard Sale Signs

Of course, the space on yard sale signs tends to be limited. This means that you should only include the essentials. It is advisable to announce the when, the where and the what.

Announce that you will be holding a great yard sale and include the time, dates and the address. In case the yard sale will have a couple of special items or if it chiefly comprised of either books, toys, clothes or whatever, ensure that you also include this info.

In as much as including info on these special items can limit the amount of people who will attend the yard sale, you will still be able to attract customers who are more interested in what you have to offer. This will make it easier for you to sell.

All in all, using yard sale signs will certainly make your sale more successful than it would otherwise have been. This is why it is highly recommended that you use a couple of these signs.

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